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Dropbox folder, including max patches etc.

The Wablet

This page contains supplementary material for my Masters degree project "The Wablet - Scanned Synthesis on a Multi-touch Interface". This app is now available on the app store:

The Wablet - Robert Tubb

Scanned Synthesis is a way of generating complex tones by scanning an interactive model of a physical vibrating system. Scanned synthesis provides a good solution to some of the main issues in digital musical instrument design, and is particularly well suited to multi-touch screens.In this implementation, animated, vibrating mass-spring networks with a wide variety of configurations can be displayed. These can be manipulated by touching, dragging and altering the orientation of the tablet. Arbitrary scanning paths can be drawn onto the structure using the fingers. The full thesis can be read here.

The Max for Live patch that sends MIDI and control values over wireless is here. Alternatively try the Max standalone version .

Please report bugs to the email at the bottom of this page.

A short musical piece with notes being sent in via MIDI:

This video shows the droplet mesh with a simple MIDI riff being sent from Ableton live over wireless. The touch interaction is in "grab" mode. Also shown is the accelerometer's effect.

Here is the "Square Cross Mesh" a 2D scanned membrane. You can draw new scan paths on to the structure:

Here the touch interaction in in "forcefield" mode and the friction and smoothing filters have been set quite high.

Apologies for the quiet sound and mediocre quality video! Better quality examples will be uploaded as soon as I have the technology.

Known bugs:
Stuck point on square cross mesh.
Touch mode rests to grab when swapping meshes but not reflected in radio button.
Lame scan path on triangle mesh.
Touch up over UI panels leaves stuck touch grab/force point (could be feature though, and can be unstuck)

Planned enhancements:

Presets: Save mesh shape, properties and scan path.
Modulation points - place a marker on the mesh, x/y/displacemnt of this point will modulate other parameters/ filters/ sent to other software via OSC.
Improved "plucking" interactions + Recordable/replayable gestures.
Custom mesh design.

Rob Tubb